"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! "

The following reasons are why TCVP is so passionate about using a professionally edited video as a superior communication vehicle:

  • Professional image
    Video gives you a professional image and gives you an advantage by communicating the value of your product, service or cause in an effective and innovative manner.
  • Emotional connection
    Video is the best method to showcase what you do. It has an impact by making an emotional connection with your audience and helps you to acquire new customers or donors.
  • Captivating
    People are more likely to watch a video because it is less laborious than reading.  They are  "entertained” while viewing your message and therefore are more likely to be receptive.  Video is also a valuable training tool.
  • Added dimension
    Video provides a powerful message because moving images and sound/music are added to the mix.  More senses are engaged. 

    Try this!

    Cappy-Poster-thumb VScappy-video-thumb

    Click on each. Which is more captivating? Poster or video?

  • Increased reach
    Video is very flexible and can be used in various ways: on your web site, on video sharing web sites like YouTube, sent by email, and used at trade shows and conferences.