Promotional Videos

Make your message come alive with a corporate/company video.
TCVP creates corporate videos to feature your service or product. We believe in the combined power of music and image – as such, we leverage our experience as music producers to create a compelling vignette to highlight your product or service.


Informational Videos

Videos are a powerful way to tell stories and to provide information about your services, products or your cause. The people at TCVP are experts at assembling video footage, music and narration to create a compelling video that has an impact on your audience and supports your service, cause or product.


Training and Education videos

Many agree that watching an engaging training video is a much more effective learning tool than reading manuals. TCVP creates exciting training videos for your employees, for your customers or your chosen audience. We can capture an event such as a seminar, and with our post production magic, make a video that is interesting and engaging to watch. Training videos save you money by increasing your educational reach.


Learning Tools

TCVP creates interactive E-Learning tools using audio, graphics and video. We create electronic quizzes, like knowledge checkpoints, where the user is asked a question in text or video form and the answer is delivered via a video.

We create web-based flash presentations to help you educate your audience, clients or employees. Videos greatly enhance the learning experience and therefore increase retention.